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Spending last weekend on Mexico City I got to meet an amazing designer. His name is Andres Rizo and with only 21 years old and just one semester studying fashion he has been published twice by NYLON Mexico and recently launched his first collection of tees. Would you like to get to know more about him? Had an interview with him and this is what he said:

What inspires you?

Well, I guess people are one of the most important facts in my designs, I think they are very interesting. In other ways, I’ve always been attracted by the night, urban, parties, ghosts, goth, darkness, glam, chic, and all the part of fashion that had been thrown aside.

What is your personal touch in your creations?

all the tees are handmade and have my personal style as you can see on the illustrations, and in all the alterations or paintings that I do on them.

What direction are you heading?

I would like to sort of educate the people in Mexico about fashion and to include it in their lives.

Which of your own creations is your favorite?

My personal interpretation of the “little black dress” by Chanel.

Who do you have in mind when you design?

Design is a very complex thing to do, you need all your mind focused, to have the concept of every illustration or collection you are making. The whole idea of it.

Which is more important: the process or the final product?

I believe that you can do something extraordinary with ordinary process, but also simple creations with an extraordinary process.

What is your biggest achievement?

I’m very new at this, but if I have to choose my biggest achievement it would be the fact that im 21, this is my first semester in fashion as a career and I was already published by NYLON Mexico.

Do you try to say something with your work?

First of all, I’m trying to transmit my idea and interpretation about fashion, and also I want to make people take fashion as an option, I mean to have a fashion culture in Mexico.

Why tees?

T-shirts are the most basic, common, portable, element in a closet, so I believe that I have to start with basics to make people easily understand my concept and my trends.

Is it difficult for you to design?

Actually It’s not hard, but also I keep learning about it. But I truly believe that to be a designer you need to have the skills.

If u want to know more about andres' work or get a personalized tee please visit:

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