lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010


One of the most recognized designers of my city is definitely Pepe Diep. He started designing several years ago showing us all his talent and originality and he is also one of the nicest persons you could ever meet. Selling to important fashion stores and exporting his bags he has earned all the recognition he deserves. This is a little interview with him.

What inspires you?

It could be whatever like a lock of a door in downtown, a car or pictures of something and of course colors.

What is your personal touch in your creations?

They are handmade and every single one is designed even if there are 5 pieces they all have different and personal things.

What direction are you heading?

I want to go very far, I want to get to Paris to a Fashion Week, I would really love that and well just people to recognize my fashion.

Which of your own creations is your favorite?

Once I made a mobile case for a person who has hands difficulties. That’s the best I have designed and made.

Who do you have in mind when you design?

Well I think about everything that surrounds me but well I think of my mom, my dad and all my family and I also think that I have to get very far and do my best.

Which is more important the process or the final product?


What is your biggest achievement?

To sell to stores in the city.

Do you try to say something with your work?

Yes. Every bag is an idea a feeling that I express.

Is it difficult for you to design?

No, no but there are days that I can’t design even if I wanted to. I just need to be really inspired so my work is done well.

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